Gypsy Pearl Tx

Antebellum Bronte Duffle Bag

$ 199

The Bronte

It turned out to be a moment of pure genius. 

Bronte had just broken up with her boyfriend and hot on the heels of heartbreak decided to do something amazing with herself. 

She called me from the bus station to say goodbye. I'll never forget the way her voice sounded. I could tell she'd been crying but it was more than hope I could hear behind her tears. 

"You know, while I was there, I forgot that I wanted to fly" I could tell then that she was smiling. She'd remembered that she wanted something extraordinary. She remembered herself. 

When you're ready to do something amazing, take the Bronte. The perfect travel companion for your adventures, she will take you anywhere you chose to roam, and back home again. 


L 54 x H 37.5 x W 22cm

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