Gypsy Pearl Tx

Antebellum Clovelly Backpack

$ 149


Being lost in Venice is completely seductive. It's the kind of place you can lose yourself entirely, forget there is any world beyond those meandering laneways, the hidden piazzas, the peaceful canals. 

I'd been in Italy for long enough to dress like a local, but not speak like one. Italian women have a sense of style that is second to none. It could be defined as timeless, classic simplicity. 

I also learned and the come to terms with the common open appreciation men showed in public, and that when a man called out "Che Bella!" I would toss my hair, throw my bag over my shoulder and keep strolling like I was every bit the Venetian woman I was in awe off. I felt like Venice loved me as much I loved her

The Clovelly defines classic elegance and simplicity. It is the perfect accessory when you need to truly wander, take your time, soak it all in. We adore the Clovelly,  the vintage leather, the rose gold and all the charm and style a woman of the world could need.


L 36 x H 41.5 x W 17.5cm

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